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M24 Chaffee

...seen at Beltring 2005

The Chevrolet designed Light Tank, M24 was used as a replacement for the M5 Stuart, with a new, larger 75mm gun in place of the small 37mm main armament of the Stuart. Around 4,700 examples were built, and they were used by the British Army as well as the US in the later stages of the war in Europe. After WW2 they went on to serve with many other countries, supplied by the US. Used in a number of conflicts post WW2, including Korea and by the French in Indo-China and later by the ARVN in Vietnam. They remained in service with some countries well into the 1960s, including some upgraded examples in Norway.
The chassis did provide the basis for a number of variants, including SP artillery and anti-aircraft. There are some excellent kits available for the Chaffee these days, especially the 1/35 kits from Bronco Models.
I photographed this one at the War & Peace show at Beltring, Kent. If memory serves me correctly, the owner had brought it over from France specially for the show. I liked this one for being in good condition and some nice stowage which I am sure modellers will like to refer to.


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