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WW2 French Air Force Colours set

...the new Lifecolor set, from The Airbrush Company

Lifecolor WW2 French Air Force Colours set

This new release from Lifecolor is now in stock with the Airbrush Company, who are the importers for the Lifecolor range. These are the 6 colours in the pack-

LifeColor WWII French Aircraft Set
UA 141 Gris Bleu Clair
UA 142 Kaki Français
UA 143 Brun Foncè
UA 144 Chamois
UA 145 Gris Bleu Foncè
UA 146 Vert Pomme

Having said these are for French Aircraft, they also work perfectly for French armour models of WW2. Brush painted, I've been trying them out on some small 1/72 scale armour models, an FT 75BS, a kit by Flyhawk, along with a Renault R35 and two Hotchkiss H35s, all by First to Fight models. Excellent coverage, though the Chamois (sand) colour did need 2 coats. They were all then given a coat of Ammo by Mig Jiminez filter (I used Tan for 3-colour camouflage) before the transfers were applied.
I'm very happy with the results and plan to finish off some more French armour models now I have these paints on hand, as it makes the job much easier.

Thanks to the Airbrush Company for the sample set.


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