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Ordnungs Polizei Decal Sets 1/72 by Star Decals

German WW2 Police AFVs

2 new 1/72 decal sets from Star Decals, taking on an unusual subject, the German Polizei units, who were responsible for security operations behind the front lines in the countries they had occupied. I am a fan especially for the vehicle types which are featured in both these sets, as there are suitable models on the market. These include the unusual looking ADGZ armoured car, an Austrian Steyr design which always makes me think of a push-me pull-you, as it is hard to distinguish which is the front and the back. In the second set, the Pz I Ausf F is a rare AFV, and these markings are perfect for the lovely Flyhawk kit.

72-A 1146 Ordnungs Polizei - Steyr ADGZ

A - Steyr ADGZ, SS-Heimwehr Danzig, Gdansk Poland on 1st September 1939 - Panzer grey with brown disruptive camouflage
B - Steyr ADGZ. Polizei Regiment Mitte. Russia in Summer 1941,- in overall panzer grey
C - Steyr ADGZ Funklenk (Fu), SS-Polizei Gebirgs-Jager Regiment 16, Slovenia in Ausust 1942 - in overall panzer grey
D - Steyr ADGZ possible SS-Polizei Gebirgs-Jager Regiment 16 or 4 SS-Polizei Div - in overall panzer grey with winter whitewash
E - Steyr ADGZ unknown Polizei Regiment - in overall panzer grey

72-A 1147 Ordnungs Polizei - Tanks & AFVs

A - PzKpfw I Ausf F VK 1801, 2 Polizei Panzer Kompanie, Eastern Front 1943/44 - in overall panzer grey
B - Hotchkiss H38 or H39, unknown Polizei Panzer Kompanie - in overall panzer grey
C - PaKpfw IV Ausf F1, 3 (verst) Pol Pz Kp, in Croatia 1942 - in overall panzer grey
D - BA-10M, Polizei Regiment 24 - in overall panzer grey or it could be a dirty Russian Green.
E - BA-10M, unknown Polizei Regiment - in overall panzer grey

Thanks to Star decals for the samples. These are 1/72 but they are also available in 1/35.


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