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Normandy Beach Hedgehog Set in 1/35

...another new set from Gecko Models

Normandy Beach Hedgehog Set in 1/35

A newly available accessory set now (December 2022) on sale here in the UK from Gecko Models, via importer Tiger Hobbies. A set of 5 of these Czech Hedgehogs, used as beach obstacle in Normandy. Why Czech Hedgehogs? Simply because these were removed from a defensive line in Czechoslovakia and resited along the beaches in Normandy, along with other styles of beach obstacle.
There is just one part, repeated with 2 on each sprue and a total of 8 sprues in the box. Easy enough assembly and a perfect partner to the Log Ramps which they have also just released.
One tip about assembling these. There is only one common piece, repeated 16 times. When you fit the 3rd section it may not appear to fit properly. Look for the bevelled edges on the 2 assembled pieces, there are 2. If the third piece doesn't seem to fit right, put it on the 'other' bevelled edge, it does fit correctly.

Thanks to Gecko Models for the review sample.

Available via Tiger Hobbies Ltd..


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