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Lifecolor DAK Uniform Colours Paint Set

...from the UK importers, The Airbrush Company

Lifecolor DAK Uniform Colours Paint Set

The most recent release from Lifecolour, a set of 6 colours designed especially for painting DAK (Deutches Afrika Korps) uniforms. Rather than even attempt to paint some figures of my own this time, I highly recommend that you look at the new volume 3 of the Lifecolor Painting Guide books, done with Mr Black publications, and which I have reviewed separately in my Book Review section. It features a large scale bust which is also used on the boxart for the new set. Super set of matt colours and I always find them ideal for brush painting on model figures of whichever scale, and good on plastic, resin and metal models.
Available from the UK importers, the Airbrush Company, who kindly provided our example.

This set includes:

UA 470 Extra Dark Green
UA 471 Medium Olive Green
UA 472 Faded Green
UA 473 Dark Brown
UA 474 Medium Tan
UA 475 Light Tan


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