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Compact Rust

...a new Paint/Weathering set from Lifecolor, via The Airbrush Co

Lifecolor - Compact Rust Set

One of the most recent additions to the range of paint sets from Lifecolor is for the subject of Rust weathering effects. It contains a couple of paint colours, 3 associated washes plus 1 pot of pigment, to help add some characteristic texturing effects to your model. I have used these on the rusted plates on a 1/72 scale Panther kit from Vespid. I am very happy that this made it easy to do and I like the end result.

Paints are-
Rust, Light Shadow 1
Rust, Light Shadow 2

Washes are-
Deep Rust
Eroding Light Rush
Yellow Marks

Eroding Burned Rust

These Lifecolor sets are available from the UK importer, the Airbrush Company, who kindly provided our sample to try out.


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