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Coloured Extra Thin Cement

...from Ammo by Mig Jiminez

Ammo - Coloured Extra Thin Cement

I have been a modeller for over 55 years, and while there have been lots of new things come onto the market over that time, I have now found something I never thought I needed and I love it!
Ammo of Mig Jiminez have done a variety of plastic cement products in recent years and among their recent releases are Red Magma and Night Blue Cements. They are both Extra Thin Plastic Cements but one is coloured bright red and the other is dark blue.
My first thought was why? After all these years of using colourless glues I wondered about giving these a try. They are brilliant! I can't think why someone hadn't thought of this before. I've tried out both and the huge advantage is you can see where it goes as the capillary action pulls it into pace around the parts you are joining together. Not just the average modeller, but this will surely help those with poor eyesight, maybe among those of us getting older. Either way, I have become an instant fan. Any colour will disappear from view under primer and paint.
The photos below show both in use on a build of an IBG 1/72 Diamond T Wrecker.
These new cements are available direct from Ammo or through their numerous dealers.


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