Vietnam - NVA Decal Sets in 1/72

...2 more Vietnam themed sets from Star Decals

Two more sets of 1/72 markings for the Vietnam war and both featuring NVA equipment.

Set 72-A 1054 NVA - Type 54B and Type 59 Tanks and Generic Markings
These are all fairly easy in that they all feature single colour green tanks, with the colour really being provided by their markings. There are a number of good T-54/55 kits on the market these days, and my favourite, the Ammo by Mig Jiminez 1/72 kit is ideal for them.
A - A T-54B at An Loc, during the Easter Offensive in 1972.
B - T-54B in Hanoi, April 1975
C - T-54B in Hanoi, April 1975, this time flying an NVA flag as well.
D - T-54B of the 202nd Armoured Regiment in Hanoi on 30 April 1975.
E - T-54B of the 203rd Armoured Regiment in Hanoi on 30 April 1975.

There are also a number of extra national markings so you can add them to your other T-54s.

Set 72_A 1055 NVA - Tanks, AFVs and Generic Markings
Arguably this second NVA set is even more interesting thanks to the mix of different vehicles it features, again with some extra generic national markings for more models. Once again though, all are basic single colour schemes.

A - An M41A3, clearly captured from the AVRN and later in NVA markings in Hanoi in 1975.
B - SU-100 SPG
C - Another captured vehicle, an M37 4x4 Truck, at Loc Ninh in 1973.
D - A T-34/85M of the 202nd Armoured Regiment
E - PT-76B
F - ZSU-23-4M of the 237th AAA Regiment at Xuan Loc in 1975
G - Another T-34/85M
H - A BTR-50P with ZPU-1 AA gun on the rear deck, at My Chanh in May 1972.

Thanks to Star Decals for my examples.