Tree Foliage

...Sea Grass and Green Stuff World Foliage

Sea Grass Trees & Bushes

I have tried a number of ways of during trees/foliage over the years, remembering I always look for the easiest way of doing things. I have finally found something I am happy with, using natural Sea Grass as the basis, with the addition of the different Foliage colours from Green Stuff World, which I bought from Modellers United, and a good quick service from them too.
Using pieces of Sea Grass, the foliage colours plus a large plastic bag and a spray adhesive.
Simply take a piece of Sea Grass, spray with a spray adhesive (there are a number of alternatives on the market) then hold the Sea Grass inside a plastic bag and sprinkle the foliage colour of you choice over the Sea Grass tree/bush. With the bag containing the loose material, shake the bag to release any loose material, and shake it inside the bag to get any uncovered parts with the foliage.
Thankfully, any loose foliage material can then be simply tipped back into the container for use on another piece of Sea Grass.
Depending on the size of the piece of Sea Grass you use can determine which scale you want to use them with. I've done different sizes using the various colours, just to illustrate the end result. I am happy with these, at last! It has taken me years to be happy, and rather than buying more expensive ready made ones.
Check out Modellers United online shop for the Green Stuff World materials.