New Guinea and Vietnam, 2 new Decal sets 1/72 from Star Decals

Star Decals, 2 more 1/72 Decal Sets.

Two recent additions to the range of 1/72 sets from Star Decals. This time we have details of two pacjs that focus on different periods of warfare in the Far East. The first is for SP artillery from the US Army and used in Vietnam. There are some nice kits available these days for the US M109 155mm artillery piece and this allws for 4 models, plus one other for the earleir M108, which has a smaller 105mm gun. Both have markings schemes appropriiate to the Vietnam War, a couple of them being quite colourful. Then at the same time, back to WW2 and a set for Australian operated armour in the Far East.

72-A 1063, Big Guns in Vietnam, M108 & M109 SPGs

A - M109 SPG, 5th Battalion, 16th Artillery, 4th Infantry Division, 1968, in a plain overall Olive Drab colour.
B - M109 SPG, 2nd Battalion, 35th Artillery, B-Coy. This one has a base coat of Olive Drab but plus a disruptive scheme in Khaki Green and some colourful markings.
C - M109 SPG, E Troop, 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment, Cambodia. In plain Olive Drab but with 2 quite different marking options.
D - M108 SPG, A-Coy, 3rd Battalion, 6th Artillery, 52nd Artillery. Overall Olive Drab but an interesting set of pain white markings as well.

72-A 1066 Australia, Tanks & AFVs in PTO - Pacific Theatre, Part 1

A - M3 Stuart Light Tank, 2/6th Armoured Regiment, Buna, in New Guinea in December 1942
B - M3 Stuart Light Tank, 2/6th Armoured Regiment, in New Guinea in December 1942
C - M3 Stuart, Octagonal turret, 2/6th Armoured Regiment, in New Guinea in December 1942
D - Matilda II 'Frog', Armoured Reconnaissance squadron, 2/1st Armoured Brigade, Tarakan, on 1 May 1945

Two more interesting sets in this marvellous range of alternative markings, ideal for resin models as well as plastic kits. Quite fine, but conventional waterslide decals (transfers) and they come with a colour page showing the positioning for the individual markings that are provided.

Thanks to Star Decals for our examples.