HJ Panzer Markings in 1/48

...2 new sets from Star Decals

There are two recent additions to the sets of transfers from Star Decals, both in 1/48, coving armour in use by 12 SS-Hitlerjugend in 1944. Good quality waterslide decals which come with a colour guide showing the camoufage plus the marking positioning.
Set 48-B 1005 HJ Panthers
There are 6 featured Panthers in this one -
A - An early Ausf G of SS-Pz.Regiment 12, as seen in Normandy during June 1944.
B - Ausf D, also from SS-Pz.Regiment 12 in 1944 but quite a different variation in the camouflage pattern, including the green colour on the inner set of roadwheels.
C - Another early Ausf G of SS-Pz.Regiment 12 in June 1944, notable for featuring the tactical numbers being simply painted over an earlier one.
D - An Ausf A, though also from SS-Pz.Regiment 12 and this one is slightly different for having the tactical nuimbers as simple white outlines only.
E - Another Ausf A.
F - Rounded off with a third Ausf A, all from SS-Pz.Regiment 12 in 1944

With some fine kits available I still find it very useful to have these sets of aftermarket alternative markings is a great resource.

Set 48-B 1004 HJ PzKpfw IV
More panzers equipping 12 SS-Hitlerjugend in 1944, and ideal companions to the Panthers from the other set.

A, B, C, and D - All Ausf H, with schurtzen fitted around the turret and on the hull sides, though each with their own individual camouflage patterns of dunkelgelb/Green/red-brown
E - The final one for this set is a command tank, the Pz.Beo-Wagen IV Ausf J, serving with the division in Normandy in July 1944.

Thanks to Star Decals for my examples.