Decal Set & Fix

...a 2 part decal application liquid, from Ammo by Mig Jiminez

Decal Set & Fix

Two associated products which are a recent release from Ammo of Mig Jiminez and one I have been trying out recently. The main thing it does is to get the decal to really settle neatly over detail, such as bolts, panel lines for example. I use it by soaking the decal in water as usual, and applying the Decal Set 1 using the brush fitted to the cap on the model itself, where the individual decal will be placed. Once in place and adjusted as necessary, I use a cotton bud to press it down into place, forcing out air and excess liquid. Then apply the second Fix liquid, again using the fixed brush applicator and removing any excess with a cotton bud again.
You need a bit of care, as I have had a couple of individual decals get messed up as the Set solution can get the decal to basically collapse in on itself and impossible to straighten out again. As I say, only happened once or twice but simply something to be aware of while you are working. Overall, I haven't looked back and now use these regularly while applying transfers/decals.