Chechnya, 3 new 1/35 Decal sets

...Chechan Wars, 1994-2009, from Star Decals

Three more 1/35 sets from Star Decals and they all feature equipment used in the First and Second Chechen Wars between 1994 & 2009.

35-C 1289 This one features 6 complete vehicles, 4 of them for BMP-1P IFVs and 2 for the slightly smaller BMD-1. There are kits available for both and these allow for some variety in colour schemes.
A - BMP-1P of the MVD Interior Troops in Grozny. No mudguards and a faded, plain green colour scheme.
B - BMP-1P of the 101 MVD Special Battalion in Grozny in 1996. Again, no mudguards fitted and this one in a three-colour camouflage.
C - BMD-1 of the MVD Special Battalion and again in a multi-colour camouflage.
D - BMP-1P in Grozny in 1996, with an individual name, 'Black Jack'. Another without mudguards and an overall plain, faded green.
E - BMP-1P in Grozny in 2000. A fade, multi-colour camouflage and this time with the standard mudguards fitted.
F - BMD-1 of the VDV Battalion, and an overall plain, faded green.

35-C 1290 This set focuses on another IFV, the BMP-2, with 7 complete examples. A subject which always reminds me of those early Dragon Models kits when, for me at least, these Cold War Soviet vehicles were finally available in plasctic.
A - BMP-2 with an uparmoured turret and missing just the front element of the mudguards.
B - BMP-2 of the MVD Interior troops in 2002. THis one without any mudguards fitted and in a quite striking multi-colour camouflage scheme
C - BMP-2 and another in a multi-colour camouflage, with a paler set of colours than the one featured in B.
D - BMP-2 of a VDV unit in the 2nd Chechan War, with mudguards and an overall plain, faded green.
E - BMP-2 of a VDV Battalion in Grozny, 1996. No mudguards and an overall plain, faded green.
F - BMP-2 This one with rubber side skirts and an overall plain, faded green.
G - BMP-2. Again, no mudguards/side skirts, and an overall plain, faded green.

35-C 1291 Three different AFV types in this one, with BTR-70, BRDM-2 and BRDM-2 Konkurs, and 8 complete vehicles in all.
A - BRDM-2 in a pale, multi-colour camouflage.
B - BRDM-2 in another multi-colour camouflage but with darker colours.
C - BRDM-2 of the MVD Special Battalion in a pale multi-colour camouflage
D - BTR-70 In an overall plain, faded green.
E - BTR-70of the MDV Special Battalion. In a multi-colour camouflage and a spare tyre carried on top of the turret.
F - BRDM-2 of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, in Grozny 1995. An overall white colour scheme
G - BTR-70 Back to another multi-colour camouflage scheme.
H - BRDM-2 Konkurs. In an overall plain, faded green.

With a colour guide for vehicle colours and the positioning of the individual decals in each pack.

Thanks to Star Decals for our examples.