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Challenger 2, Op Telic Decals in 1/48

...a new set from Star Decals

Challenger 2 1/48 Decal Set from Star Decals

Op Telic - Invasion and occupation of Iraq, 2003 - 2011

Ideal for the Tamiya kit, 3 marking options to choose from. Three sets of markings, and which each feature some different colour details, such as elements of the thermal sleeve on the main gun barrel in Olive rather than sand on 2 of the three.

48-B 1019 Challenger 2

A - Challenger 2, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Invasion 2003 - Overall Sand
B - Queen's Royal Lancers, Invasion 2003 - Overall Sand
C - Queen's Royal Hussars, Al Amarah in Iraq, August 2004 - Overall Sand

Thanks to Star Decals for this example.


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