Balkan Peacekeepers Decals in 1/35

...British Armour, from Star Decals

Three excellent new 1/35 sets from Star Decals, particularly if you have been tempted by the new RFM Challenger 2 kit.
The first set is 35-C 1294 ‘Balkan Peacekeepers’ British SFOR mix. This has a Challenger 2 of 1 RTR, along with 2 Challenger 1 Mk 3s from King’s Royal Hussars, a Scimitar and an FV432 Mk 2 Trojan.
The second is set 35-C 1295 ‘Balkan Peacekeepers’, with Challenger 2 in Kosovo. It has sets of markings for 4 KFOR Challenger 2s from the KSDG, 3 with the extra armour fit and one without, while 1 also has an option of being fitted with a dozer blade.
Thirdly we have set 35-C 1293, ‘Balkan Peacekeepers’, British Scimitar CVR(T) in Bosnia. It has complete sets of decals (personally I still prefer to call them 'Transfers') for 6 complete vehicles, including 4 Scimitars, examples from the Household Cavalry Regiment of IFOR in 1997; the Royal Light Dragoons in 1996; the Queen's Dragoon Guards in 1997; and the Queen's Royal Hussars, also in 1997. Added to these are a Spartan in q997 and a Sultan Command vehicle of the Household Cavalry Regiment, also with IFOR in Bornia in 1997. The Scimitars are of course ideal for the AFV Club kit.
These all come with a colour guide for positioning the individual markings and the camouflage schemes for each vehicle. Good quality decal sheets and available direct from Star Decals online.