Australian Armour in Vietnam Decal Sets

...2 new sets from Star Decals

Australian Armour in Vietnam, 2 new Sets of 1/72 markings from Star Decals

72-A 1075 Australia, Centurion Mk 5 in Vietnam

Three different options in this new set, ideal if you have the resin model from Milicast in this same scale. I should add that the set is also available on both 1/48 and 1/35 scales. A good reminder that Australian units were sent to Vietnam to assist the US and ARVN forces.

A - Centurion Mk 5, 1 Trp in 1969
B - Centurion Mk 5, 4 Trp in 1969
C - Centurion Mk 5, in 1968

All 3 are in a single colour olive, while the markings provide some neat touches of colour.

72-A 1076 Australia, M113 APCs in Vietnam

Marking for 7 different models in this set (also available in 1/48 & 1/35). They include 4 basic M113A1 APCs, plus 2 for the M577 Command variant and 1 for an M125A1 mortar carrier.

A - M113A1 in 1967
B - M113A1 in 1969
C - M557A1 Uparmoured
D - M557A1 Uparmoured, 104 Signals, 1969
E - M113A1 in 1967
F - M113A1 in 1967
G - M125A1 81mm mortar carrier

All in a single colour olive.

Thanks to Johan at Star Decals for our review samples.