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2 Non-Metallic Metallic Paint sets - Gold and Steel

...2 new sets of Acrylic paints from Lifecolor

2 Non-Metallic Metallic Paint sets - Gold and Steel

As a modeller for well over 50 years I have always used metallic paints, on both armour and aircraft models for the appropriate parts. For many pieces of artwork, the artists over many years didn't have those available yet were able to create fantastic effects using more standard, non-metallic colours. Now, hats off to Lifecolor who have recently released two new sets of acrylic paints for modellers to create these Non-Metallic Metalllic colours. There are two sets available now, one for Gold and the other for Steel.
The Gold set (LC-CS53) includes these 6 colours-
UA 7007 Bright Yellow
UA 7008 Ochre Sandstorm
UA 7009 Pure Green Light
UA 7010 Rebel Brown
UA 7011 Dark Code
UA 7012 Poison Black

The second set may well be even more popular, and this is for Steel (LC-CS54).
The Steel set includes these 6 colours-
UA 7013 Blinding Moon
UA 7014 Riding Sky
UA 7015 Thunder Vibe
UA 7016 Phantom Blue
UA 7017 Ambient Mass
UA 7018 Revenge Black

I suspect these will both prove popular with modellers who like painting figures but there are plenty of other uses I can think of. The good thing, if like me you have not really tried the techniques of using Non-metallic colours to get metallic effects, Lifecolor have also produced documents as pdf files that are free to download. As the Airbrush Company is the UK importer for the Lifecolor range of paints, you can find these on their website, alongside the details of these two sets. I have yet to try the paints out, but as these have been created by artists far better than I will ever be, I won't even try to offer an alternative description.

Available from The Airbrush Company.


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