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Training Courses for Airbrush Users

...with the Airbrush Company

Some news to be shared I thought for many of us, and a reminder of the various training courses run by The Airbrush Company for using an airbrush. They vary from beginner to advanced users, and equally a variety of subject areas, from models, motorcycle helmets, and even cake decorating!

For all those who are struggling with their new airbrush, those who want to progress their current skills, or those who simply want to try airbrushing before they commit to investing in equipment then how about attending a tutor led course to help you?

Airbrush Courses run by The Airbrush Company are ideal for anyone who wants to get started in airbrushing, or who has problems getting started with their airbrush.

They offer airbrush training taught by expert tutors on nearly every application, from beginners to advanced. These include custom painting, art & graphics, model painting and even cake decorating! Students have the chance to get hands on and try out various airbrushes, learn how to master a huge range of techniques, plus buy products at a student discount.

It is several years now since I first attended one of their courses, and at that time wrote a feature that was included in Military Modelling Magazine. It was very helpful indeed and so nice to get expert guidance while in company with other keen modellers, all learning together. An enjoyable experience all round, and one that helped a lot.

For more specific details, so check out their website and see all the different options and dates. Thanks to the Airbrush Company for the reminder. You can book an Airbrush Company Training Course online or by phone on 01903 767800.


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