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North American P-51D Mustang Starter Set

...a new 1/72 kit from Airfix

A55013 North American P-51D Mustang Starter Set

Some good news from Airfix as they have released a new starter kit featuring their newly moulded P-51D, along with a custom stand which bears a good resemblance to a shadow of the aircraft flying low over the ground.

Introducing the North American P-51D Mustang to our Starter Set line-up – Now Available!

Ranked at skill level 1, the A55013 North American P-51D Mustang Starter Set in 1:72 scale is now available within our aircraft Starter Set range. All designed with the beginner in mind! Once completed, the newly moulded kit measures an overall length of 137mm and 158mm in width, containing 31 pieces. What better way to display your finished build with the included bespoke shadow stand, enabling you to recreate that ‘inflight’ appearance. Featuring the scheme of ‘Constance’, 383rd Fighter Squadron , 364th Fighter Group, United States Army Air Force, Royal Air Force Honington, Suffolk, England, 1945. This Starter Set also includes all the necessary acrylic paints, poly cement and paint brush to complete the model.
The P-51D was arguably the definitive variant of the North American Mustang and included several significant improvements to the aircraft’s already successful design. These included a new bubble canopy for greater pilot visibility, the introduction of an effective new K-14 gunsight, even greater firepower, improvements to the ammunition feed system to reduce jamming and the availability of lightweight external fuel tanks, to further extend the fighter's range. The Mustang made a significant contribution to the eventual Allied victory in Europe, destroying more enemy aircraft in air-to-air combat than any other USAAF fighter in the European Theatre.

Thanks to Airfix for the news.


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