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MB Models July-August 2023 News

...more news from MB Models

1) 35231 "Russian-Ukrainian War series, kit № 8. On the battlefield. Ukrainian military medics" - the kit is performed in 1/35 scale.

Kit 35231 continues the series of kits dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian war. This war shocked the whole world not only with examples of inhuman crimes, robberies, executions of civilians and mass rape of women and children done by the Russian army in the occupied territories, not only with the unprecedented heroism of Ukrainians who managed to stop and reverse the forces of the aggressor that are many times greater than the forces of the Ukrainian resistance, but also with showing the defencelessness of the whole world in the face of a cynical and arrogant dictator, showed the inability of international structures, whose mission is to stop such attempts, to take really effective actions, the inability of these structures to protect the world from the consequences of such a war, such as global hunger, global energy crisis and global crisis even of the world's leading economies.
The kit contains a sprue with parts for assembling three soldiers of the Ukrainian army - a wounded soldier and two medics, a guy and a girl. Military medics call the first minutes after the wound the “golden hour”, because the life of the soldier, and, if the wounded survives, condition in the future, depends on how quickly medical care is provided to the wounded and how quickly the wounded can be evacuated. Apparently, the soldier is injured seriously and the medics provide him with assistance promptly, despite the serious danger that threatens them. One of the figures, a figure of a girl, is offered in two versions: in one case, she takes out the necessary materials from the medical pouch, in the other case, she took up defensive positions and is ready to repel the danger that threatens her partner and the wounded.
Ukrainian medics have become real guardian angels for the soldiers of the Ukrainian army, and their dedication and fearlessness have become legends.
The detailing of the kit is rich and allows you to place equipment on the figures in a variety of configurations at the choice of the modeller.
The figures are made at a high artistic level and are rather miniature sculptures. The figures are also animated perfectly and interact with each other well, making up a single plot, a whole story.
If desired, the modeller can make both a vignette using this kit, and a larger diorama using the models of techniques and other kits of this series, for example, kit 35225, in this case, the fighters took up defense and cover the work of medics, or kit 35226, in this case the situation is calmer and the comrades of the wounded are worried about him, watching the actions of the medics.

2) 32021 "Greco-Persian Wars Series. Kit № 8. Persian Lightly Armed Warrior (Takabara)" - the kit is performed in 1/32 scale.

Kit 32021 continues the series of kits dedicated to the Greco-Persian wars of the 5th century BC and represents a set of parts for assembling a figure of Persian Lightly Armed Warrior.
Such lightly armed warriors, who were called Takabara, were an analogue of the Ancient Greek Peltasts. Their task was to attack the enemy's battle formations with projectile weapons, disrupt their ranks, confuse their battle formations, inflict the maximum possible damage and thereby prepare favourable conditions for the attack of their heavily armed brethren. The figure is offered in two versions: in one case, the Takabara throws a spear, in the other, he engaged in hand-to-hand combat and fights with a battle axe.
The figure is made at a high artistic level and is rather miniature sculpture.
If desired, the modeller can make an expressive vignette using only this figure, or a larger fight scene by using all available figures of this series.

News from Masterbox with details of their new MB Models figure sets which are now with the UK distributor, Creative Models. Thanks to Masterbox for the news.


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