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Gecko Release News for January 2023

...1/35 & 1/16 kits announced by Gecko Models for 2023

Gecko have released basic details of some new releases they have planned for 2023 in their 1/35 range of models. No less than 3 variants based on the Morris C8 Field Artillery Tractor, including a German version with a field car based on a captured Morris.
A 4th announcement is for another 1/16 variant of the Panzer II,
Gecko have also released a computer image of another variant of the British 30cwt truck which has recently become available on the market here in the UK. This is an RAF variant but they have said they are considering doing this version, so it isn't 100% certain just yet.
None of these are available at the time of writing, but when they are, the UK importer is Tiger Models, so watch out for news from them at a later date. Thanks to Gecko Models for the news.


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