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Fairey Gannet AS 1/AS 4 in 1/48

...the new kit from Airfix

Since this was first announced at the beginning of the year I have been eagerly awaiting this news, as Airfix have now released their new 1/48 model of a Fairy Gannet. Part of my excitement has been created by me starting to be a volunteer this year, at the Museum of Berkshire Aviation, in Woodley. Berkshire. One of the airframes we have there is a Fairey Gannet, displayed with folded wings, which thankfully is one of the options provided for in the kit. As part of their research, I know that the Airfix team did come to visit, to scan the weapons bay on our example. At the moment ours is largely stripped of paint as it in the process of being re-painted. I haven't got hold of an example of the kit just yet, but here are the details in this Airfix Press Release

A11007 Fairey Gannet AS.1/AS.4
We are excited to announce the much-anticipated NEW TOOLED 1:48th scale Fairey Gannet
AS.1/AS.4 is now available!
Featuring exceptional detail, this newly tooled kit includes 334 parts and three fascinating schemes,
measuring 344mm in wingspan and 290mm in length.
A unique feature of the Gannet’s design was its bi-folding wing system, something which was designed
to allow this large aircraft to operate safely and to be stored aboard one of the Royal Navy’s relatively
small aircraft carriers. When a pilot engaged the wing unfold, this ingenious system not only prepared
the wings for flight, but also automatically connected all flight control systems, hydraulic connections,
and fuel pipes to the main system, without any ground crew intervention. In operation, there are
reports that the Gannet was so rugged a design that when one aircraft lost the outer sections of both
wings after performing a particularly violent manoeuvre, the aircraft still managed to make it back
safely to its home carrier, something which can only have endeared the aircraft to its crews still
Ranked at skill level 4, the 1:48 scale Fairey Gannet AS.1/AS.4 features a stunning amount of rivet
detail, creating a highly detailed external skin. The Gannet also possesses poseable bomb bay doors,
open or closed canopy, iconic ‘Z’ folding wings (including jury struts) and plenty more listed below.
Key details include:
• Wings folded build option (including jury struts)
• Three fully detailed cockpits
• Fully detailed bomb bay
• Deployed or stowed radome option
• Various aerial fits
• Armaments include:
- 2 x 18” Mark 30 Torpedoes
- 8 x Underwing Rockets (RP-3)
- 5 x T-1946 Sonobuoys
- 6 x Mk.11 Depth Charges

Thanks to Airfix for the news.


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