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Consolidated B-24H Liberator

...the latest 1/72 release from Airfix

A09010 Consolidated B-24H Liberator

Thanks to Airfix for the news as they have released their newly moulded Liberator model, with details up to their modern standards, so much more detail to be found.

Airfix are thrilled to announce the much-anticipated NEW TOOLED 1:72 scale Consolidated B-24H Liberator is NOW AVAILABLE!

Ranked at skill level 3, the new tool 1:72 scale Consolidated B-24H Liberator features a two captivating schemes, consisting of scheme A – ‘Corky Burgundy Bombers’ and scheme B – ‘Valiant Lady’, each adorned with distinctive and vibrant nose art. Boasting remarkable detail, this newly engineered kit comprises 278 parts and two striking schemes to choose from. Once complete, the kit displays at 65mm in wingspan and 298mm in length.
The second of America's great four-engined heavy bombers of the Second World War, the Consolidated B-24 Liberator began development after the Army Air Corps approached the company to build B-17 Flying Fortresses. Unimpressed at the prospect, Consolidated proposed that they could design and produce their own bomber in the same time it would take them to establish production lines, and it would be better than a Flying Fortress.
The introduction of the 'H' model addressed the aircraft's vulnerability to frontal attack, something enemy fighter pilots had been exploiting since the B-24's introduction. This variant was the first to be manufactured with an electrically operated Emerson A-15 nose turret but also had around 50 other modifications to make the Liberator a more combat-effective aircraft. This was also the first variant to truly take advantage of America's capacity for mass production and it was claimed that Ford could produce Liberators faster than the USAAF could process them into service. The Consolidated B-24 Liberator became the most heavily produced four-engined bomber in the history of warfare and America's most produced aircraft of the Second World War. Quite simply, the B-24 was flown by more men, carried more bombs over greater distances and destroyed more targets than any other bomber in the history of aviation.

Key details include:
• First time the B-24H has had a dedicated new tool made at 1:72 scale.
• Two versions of both the tail and mid upper turret.
• Wheels up or down build options.
• Detailed interior.
• Bomb load included.

Scheme A: Consolidated B-24H-10-FO Liberator, 42-52234 ‘Corky Burgundy Bombers’, 733rd Bomb Squadron, 453rd Bomb Group, Eighth Air Force, United States Army Air Force, RAF Old Buckenham Airfield, Norfolk, England, 1944.
Scheme B: Consolidated B-24H-15-FO Liberator, 42-52699 ‘ Valiant Lady’, 831st Bomb Group, Fifteenth Air Force, United States Army Air Force, Venosa, Italy, 1944.


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