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Airfix Military Vehicles 2023

...items in their new programme

Airfix Military Vehicle Models in their 2023 Programme

There are 3 new models announced by Airfix to be released in 2023. Two of these are 1/35 scale models, whereas a third, in 1/43, is a Civilian model, but as a Series 1 Land Rover, I suspect many modellers will enjoy it and convert it to their own requirements. Thanks to Airfix for sending through the news. The following notes are taken from their Press Release for this year.

A55012 – 1/43 Land Rover Series 1 Pick-Up - This utilitarian vehicle is recognised world-wide and
wouldn’t be out of place in any agricultural setting today. This new 1:43 scale tool will contain 39
pieces and be moulded in grey plastic.

A1379 – 1/35 Ferret Scout Car Mk.2 – A new addition to our range of 1:35 scale armour. The Ferret
was built on the success of its predecessor, the Dingo, and was designed to fulfil a British army
requirement for a reconnaissance car that was issued in 1949. The Mk.2 was designed to mount a
Browning machine gun within a turret, this offered the crew better protection but also raised the
height of the vehicle and decreased crew when compared to the Mk.1. If in trouble, the 4 wheel
drive Ferret was powered by a reliable 6 cylinder Rolls Royce engine which gave it a top speed of
45mph, a speed it could also achieve in reverse if required, something which could prove extremely
useful if the crew found themselves in a tight spot.
This 1/35 scale model features:
 187 Parts
 3 Scheme options
 Different turret options, with and without Browning machine gun.
 Interior detail
 Opening hatches

A1380 – 1/35 WWII British Army 30-cwt 4 x 2 G.S. Truck – A new addition to the 1:35 scale range,
this kit includes a fully detailed cab interior with clear moulded windows, separate cab doors that
can be posed open or closed. With a total of 174 parts and two scheme options, this is a great
addition to any WWII 1:35 scale diorama.

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