WWII British Army Open Cab 30cwt 4x2 GS Truck 35GM0071

...new 1/35 kit announcement from Gecko Models

WWII British Army Open Cab 30cwt 4x2 GS Truck in 35GM0071

Some excellent news as Gecko have released news of a new kit due soon, what is in fact an Austin K30/YC, a predecessor of the K2. Not given that name in the title on the box art, undoubtedly due to copyright issues for the use of the Austin name, one of the things I still find a bit silly myself. In this 30cwt class, around 2000 of these were built, though some had the closed commercial cab. Most important though, a new early war British truck is set to appear in kit form. I suspect we will quickly see more Dunkirk and N Africa dioramas appearing.
Gecko’s interest in British Trucks of WW2 continues with an example of a 4x2 GS truck in the short-lived 30cwt class. This truck has an open cab, known colloquially as a pneumonia wagon.
Just right for BEF and early Western Desert dioramas. The evocative boxart picture shows an example abandoned on the beach at Dunkirk, which also explains the German markings included amongst the colour options.

Thanks to Gecko Models for the news. When it gets to the UK in a few months, Tiger Hobbies are the UK importer.