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WWII British Army 30-cwt 4x2 G.S. Truck

... a new 1/35 kit from Airfix

A1380 WWII British Army 30-cwt 4x2 G.S. Truck

I have now had the Press Release from Airfix regarding their new 1/35 British truck, a 30cwt that is actually a model of an Austin, though I assume they can't name it due to copyright restrictions. The photos and the 2 colour scheme options do look nice. I've heard it said that there are a couple of faults in it due to it being based on a modern restoration, though I've not seen the kit myself to be able to comment yet, nor have I seen what the suggested faults might be. On the basis we are getting a new mould kit of a British WW2 truck I am very happy to see. There was an early hint this would be coming when they released the Austin K2 Ambulance, and the cab glazing for the closed cab versio was included on the clear parts sprue. I hope Airfix will be encouraged to do more.

We are thrilled to announce the NEW MOULD 1:35th scale A1380 WWII British Army 30-cwt 4x2 G.S. Truck is now available!
As Britain prepared for war in the late 1930s, the military weren't just desperately in need of vast numbers of aircraft, tanks, and guns, they also needed many thousands of trucks and general utility vehicles to support all kinds of operations.
The ability to effectively supply modern, mechanised armies with huge amounts of fuel, ammunition, food, and other commodities, they would need was crucial to the success of any military campaign and as the speed of war increased, so these supply lines began to lengthen. Rugged, reliable, and adaptable, these trucks would have a vital role to play in the coming conflict.
Ranked at skill level 3, the 1:35th scale A1380 WWII British Army 30-cwt 4x2 G.S. Truck includes two decal schemes (as detailed below), photo-etched parts, superb interior detail, and the option to pose the doors open or closed. Totalling 133 parts, the overall length of the complete kit measures at 156mm, with a width of 66mm.
Decal Schemes
Scheme A: British Army 30-cwt 4x2 G.S. Truck, 419th Company, Royal Army Service Corps (Divisional Supply Company), 70th Infantry Division, Tobruk, Western Desert, August 1941.
Scheme B: British Army 30-cwt 4x2 G.S. Truck, Evaluation unit, Russia, 1944.


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