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Vietnam War kit Announcements from Gecko Models

...Two More Vietnam themed 1/35 kits

2 New Vietnam Themed kits announced by Gecko Models for release soon.

35GM0111 1/35 60'~70's Saigon Shuttle Tricar w/Driver & passengers
Ideal for a Saigon themed diorama, this little Tricar shuttle promises to be a neat addition, and adding some colour to mix with Olive Drab military vehicles in a street scene. Somehow these ideas always make me think of the film 'Good Morning Vietnam', with the great Robin Williams.

35GM0112 1/35 US Military 8' Storage Container Set (Vietnam War Era)
A fairly universal accessory, a metal storage container. While most of us will be familiar with the 20' and 40' shipping containers that we commonly see, the US military also use smaller versions, both 8' and 10' sizes. This new kit is for the 8' version, which was widely used in Vietnam.

Thanks to Gecko Models for the news. Not released in the UK yet, and I don't have a date for it, so please look out for news from the UK importers, Tiger Hobbies.


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