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Modern US Soldier Combat Weapons in 1/35

...announced for future release from Gecko Models

Modern US Soldier Combat Weapons in 1/35

A new announcement for future release (no date yet) which is another very useful accessory set for the 1/35 modeller, with this good variety of modern US infantry weapons. Nice to see such a variety of rifles and support weapons, including the 40mm grenade launcher & tripod, the LAW (Light Anti-tank Weapon) and the .50cal sniping rifle all among them. There will be transfers for the various weapons and an etch fret with slings for the different weapons. These look good, and very useful to add to the modern US vehicle kits that are on the market these days, and of course sure to be welcomed by the fans of diorama building.
I don't have a release date yet, though not before New Year, so look out for news from the UK importers, Tiger Hobbies.
Thanks to Gecko Models for the news.


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