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March 2023 Release News from Gecko Models

...latest news from Gecko Models

March 2023 Release News from Gecko Models

The most recent news from Gecko Models regarding the next batch of kits we can expect, a mix of full kits and accessory sets. See the album below for box art and Computer Images of what we can expect. I think the casualties will be popular to go with their Ambulance kits, as well as for those who've built the Airfix version, and the new version of the LCA with the grapnel launchers will be especially popular I expect.
Thanks to Gecko Models for the news. Lookout for release news in the UK from importers, Tiger Hobbies.

35GM0034 1/35 5t Pallet truck & Wooden Pallet w- 200L Oil Drum and Plastic Barrel Set

35GM0049 1/35 Allied Casualties on stretchers (WWII)

35GM0079 1/35 Modern British 20L Fuel Can & Water Can Set

35GM0090 1/35 US Rangers Landing Craft Assault (LCA)


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