MB Models News August 2020

...2 new 1/35 kits from Master Box

News from MB Models of their 2 new kits for July/August 2020. A new set of North American Indians and a section of trench which will be suitable for both WW1 and WW2 dioramas.

1) 35210 “Wounded brother”. Indian Wars series, XVIII century. Kit No. 2 – this kit continues the series of kits, devoted to the events that occurred on the territory of the Northern United States in the 18th century and known in the history as the French and Indian Wars.

The kit represents a group of Indians, ambushed and carrying out a wounded brother under enemy fire.
The kit contains the sprue with parts for the assembly of 3 figures of the Iroquois Indians.
The figures are performed on high artistic level, they are animated greatly and allow both creating of the diorama according to the story proposed by the manufacturer and creating of your own stories up to using the figures separately. In addition, this kit suits greatly for creating a more detailed diorama by using 35209 kit "Protective Circle". Indian Wars series, XVIII century. Kit No. 1" that was released earlier.
The kit is in 1/35 scale.

2) 35174 “The trench. WWI & WWII era” - this kit represents a kit for assembling the model of the trench and contains two sprues with the parts necessary for creating the model.

A feature of the kit is that the trench can be assembled in two configurations: in the form of the trench itself and in the form unfolded in a line showing only one wall for a better overview of what is happening in the trench.
We also emphasize the fact that from the moment the trenches appeared on the battlefield, nothing particularly new has been invented in the construction of this kind of fortification, so this kit can be used to create dioramas from the end of the 19th century up to the present day.
The kit is in 1/35 scale.