French FCM 36 and other News 1/35 coming from Riich Models

News of an announcement from Riich Models, as they are set to release a new 1/35 kit of the French FCM 36 tank. With the quality of their previous kits, this is set to be another excellent model and one to look forward to. Great to see another French WW2 AFV set to be available in plastic.
In case you missed them before, 2 other 1/35 kits from Riich which have come onto the market in recent times and both variations on their earlier models. The first of these is a German operated version of the Universal Carrier, fitted with panzerschrecks, as a Panzerjager Bren. One a little bit different to the standard Carrier in British service .
The second is for a pair of their German Steel Field Carts. Originally released with a horse team, this time no horses, but two of the carts, which can be set up in tandem behind a truck or perhaps an RSO. I still think that the large number of German horse drawn transport is overshadowed by the panzers and half-tracks, but this kit of the Steel Field Cart by Riich is very good, so this double kit will be well worth adding to any collection.