Defence of Kharkiv, March 2022 in 1/35

...kit 35225 Ukrainian-Russian War series, kit № 3, from MB Models

Defence of Kharkiv, March 2022 in 1/35, kit 35225 Ukrainian-Russian War series, kit № 3

More news from MB Models (MasterBox) in Ukraine, who despite the ongoing war in their country are able to continue working. I have now had these details from them regarding the third planned release in their new series of modern Ukrainian Army figures, representing troops involved in defending their homeland. As with others they have planned, we have no details of a planned release date as yet, which I don't think is surprising in the current circumstances. In the meantime, here is what they have had to say about this new kit, along with some pre-production design images so we can see what they will look like.-

We are glad to present to your attention a new kit of this series - kit 35225 Ukrainian-Russian War series, kit № 3. Defence of Kharkiv, March 2022. The scale is 1/35.

This series of kits is dedicated to all countries and to all people of Planet Earth who supported Ukraine in protection from the barbarian invasion. Glory to Ukraine!

Pictures of the kit are attached.

Please, pay attention that the kits of this series are in development and we will be able to inform about the date of their release after the war.

Best regards,
Master Box team

Thanks to MB Models for sending through this latest news. As and when they are available, Creative Models are the UK importer/distributor for the range.