Daimler Mk1 SOD (Sawn Off Daimler)

...and a US Airborne Weapons & Equipment set, coming from Gecko Models

2 new announcements from Gecko Models

1) Set to follow on from their Daimler Mk I Armoured Car, Gecko have announced they will be doing a Sawn Off Daimler (SOD). A small number of this conversion of the Mk I Daimler Armoured Car was undertaken, and used, by The Inns of Court Regiment in North West Europe in 1944/45. Simply done by removing the turret and turning it into an armoured Command Car. As they were used by units equipped with the Daimler a/c, it meant that spares etc were available and didn't add a burden to the logistic task as it would by using a completely different vehicle type.

2) Another accessory set, featuring WW2 US Airborne Forces weapons and equipment. Having seen some of these in their new kit of figures with the Cushman motorcycle, they are beautifully done. Lovely detail and cleanly moulded. Good fine parts on things like the skeletal stock on the M1 Carbine just as an example.

Thanks to Gecko Models for the news. Once they are in production, they will be available here in the UK via the importer, Tiger Hobbies.