Daimler Mk 1 Armoured Car in 1/35

...coming soon, a new announcement from Gecko Models

Some more news from Gecko Models, who are to release a Daimler Armoured Car Mk I in 1/35. The model has full interior detail and options include both a Littlejohn Adapter and PLM mounting with twin Vickers Ks.

The Daimler Armoured car entered service during 1941 and served in all theatres. It was used extensively in the Second World War and served with the British Army into the 1960s. The Qatari Armed Forces only retired their examples within the last few years.

Thanks to Gecko Models for the news, and I am certain this will please a lot of modellers. It isn't on sale yet (February 2021) but look out for it with the UK importers Tiger Hobbies as and when it is released.