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Centurion 5/1 in 1/72

...due for release by Vespid Models

Centurion 5/1 in 1/72

An announcement from Vespid Models of a new kit soon to be released. More to the point, it will apparently be released in a basic version as well as a 'Special' version that will include a 3D printed mantlet cover. A series of poster images from Vespid show the various features we can expect with the new kit(s). This is a Centurion variant used by Australian forces in the Vietnam war so I am sure will prove to be very popular.
I admit, I have been waiting for a good small scale Centurion kit for a long time. The old Airfix kit is rather long in the tooth and the short run Ace kits due take a bit of experience. Going by the other Vespid kits this is set to be first class, and with a bit of luck, a sign of more Centurion variants to come in future if we are lucky.
These are not on sale yet, but we shouldn't have to wait too long. As and when it is released, look out for news from Tiger Hobbies, who are the UK importer.
Thanks to Vespid Models for the news.


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