Austin K2 Ambulance w/Princess Figure

...announced for future release from Gecko Models

Austin K2 Ambulance and the Princess in 1/35

First news of a great looking kit announced from Gecko Models. I don't have price or release date yet but a detailed new kit coming from Gecko Models, with a figure of the then Princess Elizabeth during WW2, and a model which will include fine etch brass detail which we expect now in this range.
It will be a bit of a race now, as Airfix have also announced a kit of this, and I believe that the release of that has been delayed for a bit. I will guess this Gecko kit will have finer detail but be a bit more expensive, but we don't know yet, so that is just a guess. For me, this is definitely one to be on the lookout for once it gets here.
I also have some more information on the new model thanks to Gecko Models themselves.

This model is based on original research and has no connection with the forthcoming Airfix K2/Y model. Research and planning for this model started a considerable time before the unexpected announcement by Airfix.

Work on Gecko’s K2/Y started during 2020. There was a broad hint with the inclusion of a figurine of HRH The Princess Elizabeth in the Allied Drivers Set, the box art for which was shown prematurely on Gecko’s 2020 Christmas Card. This allows modellers to replicate the famous pictures taken at the ATS Driver & Maintenance School at Camberley, Surrey, UK in the Spring of 1945.
Gecko Models were surprised that nobody publicly made that connection, instead linking the HRH figurine with another Austin product – the Austin Y/NG Utility or “Tilly”

Model Features
Gecko Models’ 1/35th scale Austin K2/Y Heavy Ambulance features-
• Accurate Trakgrip general purpose tyres
• Three different headlight types (with blackout masks as appropriate)
• Optional furled and unfurled cab side curtains
• 6 stretchers (4 plus 2 folded)
• 4 folded blankets and 4 correct British Army pattern stretcher pillows
• Optional standard and extended exhaust pipes
• Optional early (w/o sling rings) and late (w/ sling rings) wheel hubs
• Optional roof ventilators
• Optional wing mirrors
• Driver figure (including rifle for RASC drivers)
• Optional high/low stretcher/seat configurations for rear bay
• Optional folded internal curtains
• Optional jerrican/2 gallon can carriers
• Optional early fabricated and late pressed steel spare wheel cover panels

There will be a number of boxings of this kit, all the colour and marking schemes for which were completed and sent to Gecko, coincidentally, just the day before the Airfix announcement. These are:

1 - Famous K2/Ys (includes HRH The Princess Elizabeth figurine)
Option 1 - K2/Y driven by HRH The Princess Elizabeth at the ATS Driver & Maintenance School at Camberley, Surrey, UK in the Spring of 1945
Option 2 – K2/Y in Ice Cold in Alex film markings (2 wheel drive version only - another K2/Y was converted to 4 wheel drive using Austin K9 or CMP drive train components and used in some scenes)

2 - Early K2/Ys
4 Options to include a BEF example, 2 x Western Desert examples (including a very colourful K2/Y) and an example used in Sicily

3 - Late War K2/Ys
4 Options showing those used by the military and civilian services in the North West Europe campaign in 1944/45

UK importer is Tiger Hobbies who will have them once release is confirmed and they can get shipment from the manufacturer.