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2 New 1/16 Announcements

...coming from Gecko Models

2 New 1/16 kit announcements from Gecko Models

Early in 2024, today we have news of 2 new kits we can expect, one of which I think will be hugely popular with modellers, and which opens the scope for a lot more versions to be done in the future, a British Universal Carrier Mk II. It will have working tracks and lots of detail once we enlarge the rest of it to this scale. Have a look at the pre-release images below. In my purely personal view, this will I hope also open the door to a future release (please!!!) of a 6pounder anti-tank gun to go with it! We can only wait and see for that, and if other variations on the Carrier will emerge over time.

The second of the 2 new kits will be a German Pak 40, the 75mm anti-tank gun. Such a widely used weapon during the war.

Thanks to Gecko Models for the news. As for when they will be released, look out for news in the UK from their importers, Tiger Hobbies Ltd.


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