2 New Lifecolor Paint Sets

...now in stock with the Airbrush Company

2 New Lifecolor Acrylic Paint sets

Some news from The Airbrush Company, the UK importers for the Lifecolor Paints (from Italy) and they now have their 2 latest 6-colour sets, both aviation related subjects in this case and both very welcome.

LifeColor WWII French Aircraft Set

This set includes:
UA 141 Gris Bleu Clair
UA 142 Kaki Français
UA 143 Brun Foncè
UA 144 Chamois
UA 145 Gris Bleu Foncè
UA 146 Vert Pomme

LifeColor Die Luftstreitkrafte WWI Set

This set includes:
UA 566 German Pale Blue
UA 567 German Mauve
UA 568 German Red Brown
UA 569 German Light Green
UA 570 German Dark Green
UA 571 German Light Grey Green

It is also worth adding that they also have the second volume of their Painting Guides as well.

Thanks to The Airbrush Company for the news.