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Supermarine Attacker in 1/72

... a blast from the past, from Ark Models

Supermarine Attacker in 1/72 from Ark Models

Recently re-released, this is actually the old Frog kit from the early 1960s. It is that long ago since I built one. They have been done by Novo some years ago, but most recently they are now on sale again under the Ark brand name. So, they really are 'models out of the Ark'.
These are old models, so very simple, with solid undercarriage bays and cockpit. Assembly is straightforward, though the join of the two fuselage halves needs careful alignment, and the join seam takes a fair bit of sanding down. One of the interesting things about the Attacker, the first jet from Supermarine, but with wings essentially the same shape as the late model Spitfires.
Once built, I sprayed the Sky Type S undersides (with a Humbrol rattle can) then masked off the top edges to brush paint with Lifecolor Gloss Extra Dark Sea Grey. Other details also brush painted and the transfers went on very nicely.
Not perfect by any means, but I thoroughly enjoyed this purely for the fin of going back to my modelling roots as it were. Nice to see them on the market once again, under the Ark label.
I bought mine through Tiger Hobbies Ltd.


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