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SA-4 Ganef in 1/72

...a recent release from Trumpeter

Soviet 2K11A TEL w/9M8M Missile 'Krug-a' [SA-4 Ganef]

A recent release from Trumpeter, a 1/72 scale version of their SA-4 Ganef, which they already have in their 1/35 range. This one is an easy build, it took me about an hour or so. Tracks are single units but with just the outer roadwheels, drive sprocket and idler to fit. The complete units fit well to the lower chassis. The upper hull is a super, well detailed moulding and assembly very quick. The launch unit has more parts than the main hull, but with the main missile bodies moulded in one piece rather than 2 halves, that is neatly engineered. Next job will be to paint it...


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