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RSO in 1/72

...the Plastic Soldier Co kit built

This is my recent build (December 2022) of the Plastic Soldier Co (PSC) 1/72 RSO (Raupen Schlepper Ost). The kit includes 2 complete models, which you can build in any of 3 variants. These include the option to build one with low, armoured cab and pintle mounted 75mm Pak 40, or you can build the RSO tractor with steel cab (as here) or the flat panelled Einheits cab, and then 2 75mm Pak 40s to set up behind them as being towed (or emplaced of course).
This one is an easy build, primed and then rattle can Panzer Grey basic paint scheme (PSC Tank Spray). That is followed by a brush applied coat of Blue/Grey AK wash, and the tracks painted in Lifecolor Track Colour, Intermediate Wear, my go-to basic track colour. The number plates came from the spare box. One other thing is that the cab has solid windows, and my chosen finish for these is simple, use a pencil. I like that this is not only easy, but gives the right look to windows, with a shine to it.
The tilt needed a tiny bit of filler (I use Deluxe Materials Plastic Putty) than a coat of AV German Camouflage Tan. Black-brown outlining on the side flaps and rolled up rear tilt, then AV dark brown wash, and finally a dry brush with the tan colour mixed with white.
Weathering us done with a Mr Colour Weathering Paste (dark brown mud), stippled on with a flat brush. Let that dry and then some Ammo European Earth pigment applied over that. Job done. For the photos, I just put it on a generic pdf base.


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