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Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet

...a 1000piece jigsaw puzzle from Bellica

Bellica Jigsaws - Me 163 Knights of the Luftwaffe - 1000 piece puzzle

One of a new series of aviation themed jigsaws from Bellica. This one features examples of the Me163, the small rocket powered interceptor used by the Luftwaffe to attack the large daylight bomber formations of the USAS over Germany in the later stages of WW2.
The Me 163 was a rocket powered aircraft, designed by Alexander Lippisch, and was the first piloted aircraft to exceed 1000kph (620mph). It was very fast, with only a very short flight time, getting to altitude and intended to 'zoom' through American bomber formations, armed with 2 x 30mm cannon. Once the fuel was exhausted, it would glide back to land. It was operated by JG400 and fuelled by 2 fuels, C-Stoff and T-Stoff, which were very volatile so there were careful procedures to try and keep them apart when refuelling. Accidents were not uncommon however. The problems in operating them led to the unit being disbanded before the end of the war, and the pilots mostly posted to new Me 262 units.
The main picture is rather super, and beautifully done. The parts are very cleanly made and cut, so a good quality puzzle. While the aircraft themselves are fairly straightforward to put together, the areas of sky/clouds present a challenge. The whole point of jigsaws though is to have a challenge, and my wife is a great fan. One other thing to say, as the picture is so nice, I think this is one of those jigsaws that might tempt you to make it and them frame it, so you can hang it on the wall rather than break it up and hide it back in the box.
It is nice to be able to share interests for a change, so whichever way you might like to play this, these offer a great idea for Christmas Presents. My wife and I tried this one, with the Me163, but naturally I must say there are other rather lovely aviation themed images also available in the Bellica range.
Thanks to Bellica for our review sample.


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