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M4 Sherman D-Day in 1/72

...the Heller kit built

The French kit maker Heller don't make a lot of small scale armour models but they do make a couple of first class Sherman variants. In this case their 1/72 M4 Sherman D-Day version comes complete with parts for wading trunking on the air intake and exhaust.
Moulded in a sand coloured plastic there are a number of optional parts, especially for the transmission and front hull plate. If you fit the wading trunking then you don't need to fit the exhaust elements. There are 3 marking options, 2 of which include the wading trunks and are both from the US 2nd Armored Division.
The build is straightforward and it has one piece vinyl tracks, which fit well.
Mine were painted using a rattle can, specifically the US Tank Spray from The Plastic Soldier Company, which I really like. Then given a coat of Vallejo Olive Wash and details picked out with gunmetal for mg barrels and tools stowage. Wood handles on the tools painted tan and then Tamiya Clear Orange which gives a nice wood effect to my eye. Roadwheels are painted with Lifecolor Tyre Black.
Transfers are on but I still have to apply weathering, when I've decided what to do with them.
I bought mine from Tiger Hobbies.


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