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German 15cm sFH18 Howitzer in 1/72

...from First to Fight

15cm sFH18 Howitzer, 1/72, First to Fight

Number 79 in this series of kits plus a magazine from First to Fight, a Polish based manufacturer. In this case we have the German 15cm sFH Howitzer, in an emplaced style. The assembly instructions are on the back of the box, and a slightly larger version within the magazine as well. The only thing about the magazine is that it is all in Polish language, so if you can't read Polish you will be a bit disadvantaged (no, I don't). It needs a separate limber if you wanted the gun in a transport position. Interesting I thought for having the early steel wheels on the carriage.
The build is straightforward and didn't present any problems in the assembly. There was also just a couple of shells and the associated cartridge cases. A bit of a shame that it didn't include a few more, or some ammunition boxes. I built mine, and spray painted it in overall Panzer Grey. Then some light weathering.
With the trail arms spread, the end result is quite delicate, so to protect it I decided to mount it on an mdf base. Having selected on of an appropriate size, I covered it with Acrylic Mud from Ammo of Mig Jiminez, a Dry Earth Ground colour. Before this set, I set the gun itself into the groundwork, which secured it once the groundwork set. With that done, some pva glue was applied around the gun and a grass with stone scatter from Treemendous applied. Simply let everything dry and job done.


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