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Gecko 1/16 Pzkpfw.II Ausf F

...a new large scale model from Gecko

Gecko 1/16 PzII Ausf F

Large scale 1/16 models seem to be gaining in popularity these days, convenient as they match with 120mm scale figures. This is a new kit released under the Gecko label, rather than their sister range of Classy Hobby. This is a lovely looking model, with nice detail. No internal details inside the hull, but both gun breeches inside the turret do have detail inside, so good for leaving the turret hatch open, with or without a crew figure.
There are 4 options for colours and markings, shown in the photos below.

This is not listed as in stock yet in the UK, but look out for news from the UK importers, Tiger Hobbies Ltd, for when it arrives.

Thanks to Gecko Models for this sample.


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