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Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle in 1/72 from Dragon Models

Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle in 1/72

A new kit from Dragon Models, the modern Australian mine protected vehicle in 1/72. The Bushmaster is built in Australia, and over 1,100 have been built to date, in a number of variants. As a basic mine protected infantry patrol vehicle this 4x4 vehicle can carry a driver plus 9 crew members. It first entered service in 1997 with the Australian Armed Forces. In 2008, the UK bought 24 of them for use in Afghanistan. In British service it is called the Escapade.

The kit has basic interior with the cab and a rear bulkhead inside, and the hull very clearly shows us the V-shaped and protected drive shaft, a shape commonly used now to protect against mines and IEDs, to direct any blast upwards and outwards, helping protect the crew inside the vehicle. The parts all fit cleanly and easily, including the clear window glazing. Easy enough to build in a relatively short time. The axles are metal rods so the wheels easily rotate. One thing, the vinyl tyres fit quite loosely, so will need gluing in place, but I'd leave that until after the model has been painted. The multi-colour camouflage used by the the Australian army does make a bit of a change.
Thanks to The Hobby Company, the UK importer for the Dragon range for this sample.


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