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Valerie, a 1/24 figure

...Strange Company's Adventures, from MB Models

Valerie, 1/24
MB Models

This new 1/24 figurine from MasterBox, or MB Models, is one in a series of 12 different models in their 'At the Edge of the Universe' series of sci-fi figurines. One of the features I have always liked about so many of the MB Models kits, in all their ranges, is that most of them each tell a story, or in the case of these sci-fi kits, go together to make up a larger story. In the case of Valerie, they give this backstory to her -

Valerie is a talented engineer that can reprogram easily any technique available to her. She hides her talent skilfully behind the appearance of a carefree and very beautiful girl that has repeatedly benefitted her team. She is a member of a small company created by Ianis, and that makes robots for semi-legal gladiatorial fights.
The Galactic Government was suspicious of such companies, seeing them as a threat to the National Security, because while trying to snatch victory, such commercial companies attracted the most talented engineers and, from time to time, made real technological breakthroughs. The Government encouraged fights of battle robots realising that such fights solve considerably the problem of 'Extra People', but monitored their participants carefully, trying to prevent the leakage of technologies into the wrong hands. However, illegal trade in technologies was the major part of Ianis's income.

Assembly is quite quick and easy. The two halves of the torso were not as good as I might have expected, but a little filing and everything was OK, and the rest of the parts are all keyed so fit well. The only other thing to deal with were the mould seams, but they were easily dealt with using a sharp craft knife to scrape them carefully down. I have her assembled, but as sci-fi and 1/24 is very different to my usual subject matter, I will pass this to our youngest daughter, who not only enjoys sci-fi but is a good artist as well.

Thanks to MB Models for the sample. The range is imported to the UK by Creatve Models.


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