US 20 litre Jerry Cans (Value Pack) in 1/35

...a useful accessory pack from Gecko Models

Gecko Models - 1/35 - US 20 litre Jerry Cans (Value Pack)

Now in production, a really useful accessory pack from Gecko Models, and simple enough to build. An ideal pack is you want a load for a kit such as the Tamiya GMC 2 1/2 ton truck or maybe the Italeri DUKW. In terms of packaging for a moment, there is an illustrated outer sleeve, with box art on the front and assembly guide on the back. Inside that sleeve there is a plain white cardboard box that gives the parts very stout protection during shipping, important if you buy via mail order. This is now a feature common to all the other Gecko Models releases.
What is in the box is 12 rows of Jerry Cans, with 8 cans in each row. They are made up of two different types, one for Fuel cans and the other for Water cans, so you get 6 rows of each. There is a difference between the two, both in the can bodies and the different style of caps. Do check the instructions, which are on the back of the box, to ensure you get the right parts together.
A simple enough set but a really very useful set for a vehicle load or maybe a supply dump diorama.
Tiger Hobbies Ltd are the UK distributors.
Thanks to Gecko Models for my example.