Two old BMP-2 Models in 1/72

... 30year old MMS and Red Star models completed

Just recently I 'rediscovered' a couple of models of the BMP-2 which I have had in a primed/unfinished state for what must be over 30 years. So, I got them out and finally got round to painting them in a plain overall Russian Green colour. Both were then given a wash coat of Khaki Green, a colour from Plastic Soldier Co, which you put on, and after 20 minutes or so use a wet cotton bud (or 3) to remove most of it. That leaves a nice worn effect and darken the shadows/panel lines. A finish I rather like. For two models that are now over 30 years old, and neither on sale any more, I am pleased to finally get these done.

The first is a 1/72 metal model by MMS from the mid-1980s. It is from a range of 1/72 Soviet AFVs made by Barry Walby of MMS, though after a year or so, he turned his hand to his very large and successful MMS range of WW2 1/76 models. An easy enough build, soldered together for strength. My last job will be to find some suitable transfers for the tactical number and then, for my preference, just some light weathering.

The second model is a 1/72 polyurethane resin BMP-2, and if I remember correctly, by Red Star models, from Jeff Spain. It doesn't sit as high on the track units as the MMS kit, but together they come out rather well I think. Same type of finish as the MMS kit as well.


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