TBMP T-15 Armata in 1/72

...the Zvezda kit

T-15 Armata, a 1/72 kit from Zvezda

A very modern piece of Russian kit, the T-15 is quite a large vehicle, and a companion piece to the T-14 MBT. It is a heavy IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle). Weighing in at 48 tons, it has the engine moved to the front of the chassis, and with the 3 man crew housed within the main hull, and an automated turret. The rear troop compartment can carry 9 infantry. Modern armour protection, along with both passive and active self-defence systems and a 57mm gun in the turret, along with anti-tank missiles.
The 1/72 kit from Zvezda has quite a lot of parts, but the fit is excellent. A bit of a shame I thought that the nicely detailed hull side and running gear is almost completely hidden by the side skirts. The track is interesting for being moulded as a single piece, which is then wrapped around the assembled running gear, before fitting the side skirts. I did wonder how well this would work but have to admit it went on very easily, and fitted perfectly. Neat and simple.
The build is straightforward. I only had one problem, of my own making, as I lost one of the launchers on the hull, so had to scratch a replacement, but that was easy enough. The size of the finished model is quite impressive, for a braille scale kit. I don't often build more than one of a type, but I do feel very tempted to do so by this one. Next stage will be to paint it...